You’re Married, But Are You On Track?

Ok, the wedding is over, the honeymoon was awesome, your sunburn has healed (hopefully), “thank you” cards have been sent, and the undesirable gifts have either been returned or are waiting for you to re-wrap them as a “gift” for someone else. Chances are you and your new spouse are starting to settle into a routine of some sort.

Something Feels Different in the Marriage

Even if you had lived together prior to marriage, marriage feels different…doesn’t it? At least I hope so…otherwise, what the heck was the point of committing your life, your entire life, to this person??

The reason for marriage is different for everyone…but one thing does run true for all…you have committed your life to this other person. Now, its time to make sure you are on the right track…actually on the same track!

A Fun Couple Activity with Vision

Create a VISION board together. A vision board is a creative representation of what you want you life to look like. It could be your long-term vision or maybe it’s just the next year.

Go to your local office supply place and purchase the foam project boards, get one for each of you. Grab as many magazines as you can your hands on, some glue sticks and 2 pairs of scissors. Sit down with a bottle of wine, snacks and some good music…and start clipping out pictures and phrases that ring true for you. Then start gluing them onto your board, just like one of those collages we did as kids. This is good practice for you, if you don’t have kids, because trust me – there are many glue stick nights in your future!

Contributing Post provided by Jennifer Lee, Life Coach,

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